Listen To The New Kanye West, Vic Mensa Collab ‘U Mad’

They already premiered the song at a handful of live shows earlier this year but now Vic Mensa has shared the full studio version of his new collaboration with Kanye West, titled U Mad.

The hard-hitting track features the two rappers going head to head. It’s Mensa’s first single since 2014’s Down on My Luck and his second collaboration to date with Kanye West. The 21-year-old rapper also featured on Kanye’s Wolves alongside Sia.

Reports The Fader, U Mad originally started as a sketch between producers Vic Mensa and producers Stefan Ponce, Smoko Ono, and eventually bled over into the LA studio sessions for Kanye West’s forthcoming record So Help Me God.

“The original song that U Mad was on was a song called You Know Me Too Well and it turned into a crazy, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type thing,” said Ponce. “U Mad got so hot we were like let’s just make it the song itself.”

So far there’s no release date for Mensa’s highly anticipated debut EP Street Lights. Same goes for Kanye’s So Help Me God which he’s already noted, will most likely be a surprise release.

Listen: U Mad feat. Kanye West

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