Violent Soho Channel Frustration With Ripper New Single ‘Vacation Forever’

It’s been a long minute between drinks, but last week, Brissy punks Violent Soho returned with their first single in around three years with the largely-acoustic ‘A-OK’.

Now, the band have followed it up with ‘Vacation Forever’, a track that leans a little more heavily into their wheelhouse. It’s a grunge-inflected banger anchored by melancholic riffs and deeply relatable lyrics – “There’s a baby boomer across the street / and it won’t stop staring at me,” bellows frontman Luke Boerdom during the song’s chorus.

The song ends in classic Soho fashion, with Boerdom howling “WHOOOOOOOOA YEAH” over waves of frenetic, heavily distorted guitar.

“I guess lyrically I’m trying to describe a certain frustration,” the guitarist and vocalist says of the song, which was written while staying at his parent’s house during a time of personal upheaval.

“No matter what I did in life I always ended back there. I was back here again years later – the same damn fucking room!”

Violent Soho’s last album was 2016’s WACO.

Their new album, which will feature both ‘A-OK’ and ‘Vacation Forever’, is set for release sometime next year.

Stream ‘Vacation Forever’ below.

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