Live Nation: New London Noise Laws Cut Short Bruce Springsteen’s Hyde Park Show

The organisers of last weekend’s Hard Rock Calling festival in London’s Hyde Park have explained their decision to cut short headliner Bruce Springsteen‘s set – just as his jam with special guest Sir Paul McCartney was about to end.

According to Live4EverUK, earlier this year, complaints from local residents over noise and disruption put the future of big-time concerts being held in Hyde Park in doubt.

Despite a tentative agreement being reached, local authorities threatened harsher sanctions against promoters and organisers of large events – like Hard Rock Calling – should the new agreement be breached.

Hence, to risk not feeling the wrath of council and the non-noise loving neighbours, organisers cut the sound early.

Live Nation‘s Europe CEO Paul Latham emailed The Wall Street Journal, stating affluent residents in surrounding Park Lane and Mayfair ‘wield inordinate power’ over their local council, which has led to the issue being thrust into the spotlight.

“For the last 12 months we have been fighting the good fight with the Local Authority and their licensing teams to retain the ability to stage concerts in Hyde Park,” he wrote.

“The current licenses were granted on very strict noise restrictions, traffic plans and curfews with the ‘sword of Damocles’ hanging over any future events if we broke any of the conditions.”

“Suffice to say the residents of Park Lane and Mayfair may not be numerous but they wield inordinate power over the Gogs and Magogs of City Hall and Parliament.”


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