The Living End Have Covered One Of Australia’s Most Beloved Advertisement Jingles

There are songs from advertisements that, whether you like it or not, will circle your head for the rest of your life and The Living End have dusted a classic off to annoy you for the rest of the week.

For a segment on Triple M which essentially asks bands to sell out to plug a product, the Aussie trio took on the Ajax Spray & Wipe jingle, written for the house cleaning product.

The song dates back to the very early ’90s but it has been reincarnated a few times since. The Living End chose to stick to the original lyrics of the song, adding a little double bass to the classic melody.

As Tonedeaf reports, they chose to cover the song because they had a crush on one of the star’s of the ad Paula Duncan who was coincidentally listening to the show and called in after.

The boys are currently prepping for the release of their seventh studio album Shift on 13th May and while this almost definitely won’t be on it, the first singles Keep On Running and Monkey suggest that it will be gold anyway.

Hear the cover and watch the original advertisement below.

Watch: The Living End – Ajax Spray & Wipe

Watch: Ajax Spray & Wipe (1990)

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