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Looks Like Bright Eyes Are On Their Way Back

Written by Laura English on January 10, 2020

It’s been nine years since we’ve heard from the band, but it looks like Bright Eyes are back.

Their 2011 release, The People’s Key was the last we heard from the indie rockers. Since then, we’ve seen Bright Eyes frontman, Conor Oberst release a bunch of solo albums and revive Desaparecidos, his punk band.

He also opened a bar in his hometown of Omaha and joined forces with Phoebe Bridgers to release an album under ‘Better Oblivion Community Center’, their joint project.

Now it looks like Bright Eyes might be back. Posting on Twitter and Facebook, the band encouraged fans to go and like their brand new Instagram page.

Their Insta is currently sporting just the one post, a GIF of red and blue stick-ish figures floating on a black background. The caption is simply: #BrightEyes2020.


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The band’s website has also been updated with the new branding. Oooooooh.

Last year we had RAT!Hammock join in on our Love Letter to a Record series. They chose Bright Eyes’ I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning. Check it out here.

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