Looks Like Deftones Are Up To Something

Deftones have done the band thing and blacked out their social profile pictures, indicating an announcement is on its way. We’ve been waiting on their ninth studio album for a minute now, with four years passing since their eighth, Gore.

We got news back in June that the album was complete. Deftones’ drummer, Abe Cunningham, told Download Festival in a video interview that the album was currently being mastered. As for a release date? He said, “hopefully, maybe September.”

The blacking out of their socials is a good sign, as is their most recent tweet. It’s a super lo-fi, eery black glitching graphic that reads, “No, you will never find me.”

The words in the graphic are the lyrics from their song ‘One Weak’. Now, this could be a stretch but… ‘One Weak’… One week? Looks like there could be a Deftones announcement coming in a week.

NME have been playing detective too. They noticed that Deftones’ website’s URL becomes — which could indicate the 25th September, coinciding with Cunningham’s September release guesstimate.

Whatever the new release is, whenever it comes, it’ll follow up their 2016 album Gore.

Have a listen to ‘One Weak’ below to get in the spirit.

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