Looks Like Triple J Is Seriously Considering Changing The Hottest 100 Date From Australia Day

UPDATE: Triple J Is Officially Changing The Date Of The Hottest 100

ORIGINAL STORY:  Triple j could be about to deliver a game changer, with reports that the station is in “serious talks” to move the date of its annual Hottest 100 so that it doesn’t take place on Australia Day.

The Hottest 100 is a cornerstone of Australia Day festivities for many, but as Pedestrian.TV reports, the Js are contemplating shifting the list to a less inflammatory spot on the calendar.

The speculation arrives on a snowballing tide of public sentiment, deeming the celebration of Oz Day itself on January 26th as disrespectful to Indigenous Australians, for whom the day has much darker connotations than snags, barbies and beer bongs.

It also comes at a time when the topic of rescheduling the Hottest 100 has been making constant headlines, drawing passionate commentary from Aussie hip hop duo A. B. Original after a petition was launched to move the date and, more recently, a Melbourne man launched a competition in the hopes of getting someone to convince triple j to change it.

On one hand, the move would make a lot of sense. The Js have long-prided themselves on their support of Australia’s indigenous community through their numerous funding initiatives and championing of local indigenous artists, so moving the Hottest 100 date would symbolise a huge show of solidarity with Australia’s First Nations people, and position the Js as leading the charge against racial insensitivity on a national scale.

But according to Pedestrian, an all-staff meeting on the topic at JHQ “got heated”, because others felt that such a move would be tantamount to ‘playing politics’ (something that the ABC‘s editorial policy specifically guards against).

There are also concerns that it would trigger a backlash among a large potion of the station’s more conservative listenership, or else that it would jeopardise what is currently THE biggest day of the year for triple j, meaning a bunch of the parties and events that it promotes every Australia Day might have to be turfed.

Whichever way you slice it, the topic is an emotionally-charged, political, ethical and commercial minefield for the Js, whose final decision on the date is reportedly due to be handed down later this week.

Music Feeds has contacted triple j for comment.

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