Lorde Prefers “Pop Princess” To “Teen Hottie”

In a new interview, New Zealand’s Ella Yelich-O’Connor, known to the world as the whip-smart songstress Lorde, has confessed that while the phrase ‘teen hottie’ literally makes her “want to throw up,” she is not only a “hugely sex-positive person” but a “pop princess” through and through.

“The phrase ‘teen hottie’ literally makes me want to throw up. I’m a pop princess at heart. Pop is about distilling what you want to say and making it easy. And the way I write isn’t about making things easy. It’s a weird juxtaposition,” the 17-year-old Lorde recently told The New York Times.

“People like to paint me in a certain way, but I’m a hugely sex-positive person and I have nothing against anyone getting naked,” the Royals hit-maker continued, adding, “For me personally, I just don’t think it really would complement my music in any way or help me tell a story any better.”

“It’s not like I have a problem with dancing around in undies — I think you can use that stuff in a hugely powerful way. It just hasn’t felt necessary for me,” she concluded, before elaborating on the difficulties presented by so strictly adhering to her own code of integrity in the music business.

“I would like to think that my public persona comes naturally to me and isn’t that dissimilar to my real way of doing things,” she said. “I’ve turned down easily tens of millions of dollars doing what I do and saying no to things that I think are corny.” Back in November the chart-topper signed a worldwide publishing deal with US concern Songs Music Publishing reportedly worth $2.5 million.

(Via The New York Times)

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