Lorde’s ‘Royals’ Gets Garage DIY Makeover From Fast Forward

Lorde’s Royals may be the most well-received song in recent memory but that doesn’t mean you can’t head out to the ol’ shed and whip up enough objects to create your own rendition. The Kiwi songstress has been adapted by Sweden’s own Fast Forward, who’ve whipped up a garage-based DIY version of the track bringing plenty of their own flair in process.

So by the looks of things, the amps, mics, stands and parts of the drum at least were bought at a shop, but the wine glasses, beer bottles, bike wheels, hockey sticks – is that a phone duct-taped to the hockey stick? – and shaker have been brought from home. As the three-piece explain on their YouTube description, the whole drum loop was created using odds and ends pieces they found laying around as well.

The DIY crew have previously tackled other pop gems such as Katy Perry’s Roar and Rihanna’s Stay, both with the same success to Royals, scoring these cats the unofficial Internet title of ‘the real Garage Band’.

The band has hardly broken 170 likes on Facebook but are already scoring some serious editorial coverage the world over. We’re guessing that they’ll be adding a fair few zeroes to that total by the end of the day.

Watch: Fast Forward – Royals (Lorde Cover)

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