Los Campesinos! Bass Player Quits The Band

Los Campesinos! will be on the hunt for a new bass player shortly after Ellen Waddell quit the band overnight. Waddell was a founding member of the Cardiff band and has played on all three of their albums as well as their forthcoming fourth album, which is due out next year.

NME reports that Waddell did a post on the band’s blog to alert fans of her decision – titled “It’s Been An Awfully Big Adventure”.

It is with a sad face I have to report that I am leaving Los Campesinos!” she wrote. “The show on the 15th of December in London will be my last, and I shall spend it struggling not to cry. Please don’t point out my tears if you come along. Simply pretend it is eye sweat.

Over the last seven years I have been blessed, not by God, because he doesn’t exist, but with opportunities and a life I will not fully appreciate until I am about forty-five. I will look back at old photos of the band, with our smooth skin and questionable hair, and go “fuck me. That was mental.

As indicated in the statement, Waddell’s farewell show with Los Campesinos! is a one-off show in London on December 15 at Islington Academy Hall. Support acts for the show will be Sparky Deathcap and Amongst Brother.

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