Luca Brasi Call Out “Piece Of Shit Male” Who Felt Up Punters At Their Sydney Show

Aussie punk rockers Luca Brasi are currently in the midst of a sold out national tour and while they’re loving the tour their Sydney leg was “overshadowed” by an incident in the crowd.

The band were informed after their show at Oxford Art Factory in Sydney on Friday night that two of their friends had been touched inappropriately by another punter.

“Two good mates of ours were left distraught after a certain piece of shit male in the audience decided that their bodies were his property in the pit,” they took to Facebook to write.

“We play shows because we love it, people come to these shows to enjoy the music, everyone has the right to be safe and other people’s bodies ARE NOT YOUR PROPERTY.”

They further issued a strong warning to anybody who is coming to any of their shows to, “keep your hands to your fucking self.” It’s the sort of warning you would think goes without saying but apparently that’s not clear for everybody.

“If you believe it is your right as a male to do as you please, you are NOT WELCOME HERE,” they signed off with.

A punter who was at the gig commented on the post and said that she had to deal with a number of people like the one Luca Brasi described.

“One dude felt so obligated he told me off after the show because I said no to him trying to hold me and ‘help me out’ even though I said very explicitly no means no and to back off,” she wrote.

“It’s so good to see good bands like you guys call people out on their shitty actions and hopefully jerks like this stop coming to the shows.”

Luca Brasi replied to the comment and apologised that she had to go through that at one of their gigs.

Sure, when you’re at a sold out gig it’s likely you’re going to get close to fellow punters but as a decent human being you should know when you’re crossing a line and making others feel uncomfortable.

Luca Brasi will continue their tour next week in Perth and are no doubt hoping that their crowds don’t have to deal with situations like this again.

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