M.I.A. Uses Counterfeit Versace Clothing To Design Them A New Range

M.I.A. has revealed that her upcoming range for legendary fashion house Versace took inspiration from counterfeit copies of their clothes and merchandise that the artist has encountered in bootleg markets during her international travels.

The artist, who recently landed in hot water over a stunt during the SuperBowl Half Time Show, has put together a 19-piece Versus Versace range at the request of the company, including t-shirts, jeans, and silk shirts for both men and women, all inspired by bootleg copies of Versace garb.

Speaking to Women’s Wear Daily, M.I.A. said “The theme of counterfeits, of those that produce and sell them has always been part of the culture of M.I.A. When I was contacted by Versace, it seemed a great idea to invert the circle.”

“Versace’s designs have always been copied,” she continued. “Now it’s Versace that copies the copies, so those that copy must copy the copies. So this will continue.” The designs feature bold, gaudy patterns peppered with Hindi script and Technicolor takes on the Versace Medusa logo.

Donatella Versace is a fan of the idea, saying “I love the energy of the street, so when M.I.A. suggested we use bootlegs of Versace, I thought it was such an incredible idea. It’s fast, loud, unafraid, and brings together the worlds of music and fashion.”


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