Mac Miller’s Faces Mixtape Comes To Streaming For The First Time

For Mac Miller fans, a special release has landed as the late rapper’s discography has continued to thrive in different ways.

Following on from its release on Mother’s Day (in the US) 2014, Mac Miller’s mixtape Faces is coming to streaming services and vinyl for the first time in October.

The mixtape was originally released as a free download, follow his second studio album Watching Movies With The Sound Off. It featured guest spots from the likes of Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples and more.

To mark this special release of Faces, Mac Miller’s estate have released a music video for one of the tunes from the mixtape: ‘Colors and Shapes’.

Watch the video below.

Directed by Sam Mason, the video was based around a photo of Mac’s dog Raplh.

“To build it out, I asked Malcolm’s family to send me bits and pieces from his childhood, scenes from the town where he grew up, objects, toys from his room…” he has said.

“Little pieces of his life that I extrapolated outwards and used to inspire the story. In the abstract, it’s meant to be a video about childhood – growing up as an artist and the highs and lows of that experience. It’s sort of a look at the emotional and difficult; perilous but noble path of an artist.”

Faces comes to streaming platforms and will also be released on vinyl from October 15th.

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