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Image for Machine Head Defend Their Use Of ‘Fake’ Amps At Shows

Machine Head Defend Their Use Of ‘Fake’ Amps At Shows

Written by Mike Hohnen on July 11, 2013

Machine Head have posted a scathing statement directed at El Paso, Texas based radio station 95.5 FM, KLAQ Official after a journalist called out the band upon discovering the metal greats employ the use of ‘fake’ speaker cabinets in their live shows.

Machine Head have returned fire, explaining that it’s not only common practice, but that the benefits of dummy cabs for punters are very real. According to Machine Head, it’s got nothing to do with being a phoney because it’s all about the stage show:

“Machine Head have 2 cabinet set-carts in the shape of our diamond logo, we use half of the 4 cabs for live sound, the ones labeled “live” in the “smoking gun photos” are actually that, a real LIVE cabinet, that’s plugged in (as you can see in the photo), that make sound, have real speakers, plug into a “real amp”, and has a mic in front of it that sends our face-melting guitar tones out to the crowd via the PA.”

The band goes on to explain the use of the ‘dummies’:

“The ones that our guitar techs labeled (for some reason, in bright green flourescent gaff tape) ”dummy” are actually real cabs too, with real speakers and everything, but we only have so many amps to power them, and really who gives a shit, because ALL the cabs are REAL!!”

The statement then goes on to explore previous instances when high profile acts have employed similar methods, pointing out that Slayer’s Mayhem Festival set included 2 massive crosses made from amps, not all of which were plugged in, and when Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford rode a motorbike through a Marshall stack, they weren’t real either.

The statement comes just after glam rockers Black Veil Brides were called out by a member of The Bronx’s touring party for using full stacks of empty cabs onstage at Warped.

Machine Head raise a good point when they state, “At least Black Veil Brides are playing their instruments, and not waving their hands along to a fucking laptop!!” and explain they are simply just trying to help people escape for a little while.

No doubt the journalist in question Lisa Sanchez is going to need some ice for this burn, as it’s not just Machine Head having a go – it seems to be just about the whole metal community.

Check out the ‘controversial’ photos of Machine Heads amps below.



(Via Metal Hammer)

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