Machine Head “Furious” With iTunes For Leaking Their New Songs

Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn has once again let loose in an epic rant posted to the California metal outfit’s official Facebook page, expressing his fury towards iTunes for leaking two tracks off Machine Head’s new album Bloodstone & Diamonds, weeks ahead of their scheduled release.

According to the frontman, the album’s lead single Now We Die and the official album version of single Killer & Kings, were leaked via an iTunes UK Pre-Order page “that ‘someone’ fucked up on (and who is about to be fucking fired!)”, which promised two free songs with every album pre-order.

“Un-fucking-believable. We are FURIOUS,” writes Flynn. “I found out about it when a friend of mine from the UK texted me saying, ‘dude, Now We Die is KIIIIILLLLLLLER’, I went ‘uh, how did you hear it…?'”

Despite their anger, Flynn says the band and their label have decided to “own” the situation, and have followed suit with the UK iTunes package, offering the two songs as a “gratis” purchase when you pre-order the album from any worldwide iTunes site.

Taking things a step further, Machine Head have decided to upload both Now We Die and Killers & Kings to their YouTube channel, where they can be streamed for free. Plus the band are asking fans to distribute the tracks as they like, whether that be through posting the video to their own social media pages, or making their own parody videos of the tracks. “There is no half-stepping in Machine Head,” he writes. “It’s all or nothing.”

Flynn is no stranger to the odd rant here and there via his “Diary Of A Frontman” blog. Earlier this year he let loose on the music industry in a post detailing what he perceives as an apathy towards music.

“The music business has sucked the life out of creativity. No one is encouraged to take risks, no one is encouraged to push the envelope, because it’s all about first-week sales! It’s about pointless radio play and how good your last tour went,” he wrote. “Music isn’t important anymore.”

Bloodstone & Diamonds is expected to be released this November. Pre-order the album now on iTunes. Stream the two tracks and read Flynn’s full post below.

Watch: Machine Head- Now We Die /

Watch: Machine Head – Killers & Kings

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