Welp, Here’s Macklemore Performing A New Christmas Jingle He Wrote

Remember how last month Macklemore revealed the news that he’d become a magician and was planning on releasing a “magic rap album”? Still kind of getting over that whole thing, personally.

Anyway, as we await its release, the rapper has appeared on Ellen to debut his very cheesy new Christmas tune, ‘It’s Christmas Time’, with Macklemore and band performing on a very wintery, very festive stage. The song features UK soul singer Dan Caplen.

In it, he namedrops Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Mariah Carey before asking that you “turn off that Michael Bublé” and “turn on that one movie about the kid who licked the telephone pole on the Blu-ray,” referring to 1983 film A Christmas Story.

He also gives a shout-out to his dead dog, Toby.

In a statement, the rapper said “At some point every holiday season, while watching Home Alone and drinking hot chocolate, the same idea hits me. ‘You are the second grown rap version of Kevin McCallister. Now act like it and make a Christmas song.'”

You can watch Macklemore and band perform ‘It’s Christmas Time’ on Ellen below.

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