Made In Japan Back From Six Month Hiatus April 9th at Spectrum

After effectively dropping off the face of the planet for the last six months, Sydney’s own Made In Japan are signalling their triumphant return to music on Friday 9th April with a gig at Spectrum. Supporting on the night will be Only The Sea Slugs and Foveaux.

Now, there’s been some interesting developments internally with the band during their hiatus, so I’ll throw it over to lead singer James to fill you in:

“Mike, our old bass player chose to leave the band in order to focus on his final year at university and to devote more time to getting his radio career started. Our new bass player is stolen from another Sydney band, Ghoul. His name’s Pavle Vitinzin.

We’re already recording material for our next release which will be out in the months to come in the form of an EP/mini-album/album (we’re not sure yet). All we know is that we have a shitload of material and we’re working in our home studio to get some decent recordings of them. We’re pretty excited about the new stuff because we’re moving in a new direction which takes influence from bands like My Bloody Valentine & Ride but doesn’t neglect our indie-punk roots. We’ll be playing a heap of this material at the show.”

So there you go… A new band member, and a changing musical direction. It sounds like this will be an interesting show.

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