Madonna Was Heaps Late To Her Brissie Show & Fans Are Pissed (Again)

Madonna has gone full Axl Rose on her Brisbane fans, forcing them to wait 3 hours for her to go onstage.

Sure, you think, it’s been 23 years since the Queen of Pop was last here anyway, what’s another 3 hours, right?

Well the rowdy crowd of lifelong Madge fans were having none of it, erupting into fiery acts of protest:

“We want Matlooooock! I mean Madonna!”

That’s what you get for keeping your contemporaries up past Lateline on a school night, Madge.

The pop diva was apparently due to kick off the show at 8pm, with fans given a heads up that she wasn’t showing up til 10:30pm. But then she kept them waiting for close to another hour.

And, as Pedestrian.TV reports, Madge was unrepentant in the face of sleep-deprived baby boomer rage, joking: “I’m hardly ever late. It’s you people that get here early that’s the problem. Just come late and I won’t have to come early.”

But the worst part? Australia’s public transport system being that pathetic and inadequate clusterfuck that it is, folks who stayed to catch the full concert missed the last train from Boondall, which left at 12:17am, and were subsequently stranded.

Others just buggered off early, got a refunds and were home in time to catch Vikings on SBS.

It’s not the first time that Aussie Madonna fans have been left less-than-impressed by one the singer’s Rebel Heart shows.

The Pop Queen recently defended herself against allegations that she was drunk and/or high during one of her Melbourne concerts, while fans who rocked up to her intimate one-off show at Melbourne’s Forum Theatre claimed to have been left waiting for up to five hours in the rain for the venue’s doors to open and let them inside. Being devotees though, most didn’t seem to mind.

Gallery: Madonna @ Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne 2016 / Photos By Kylie Carns

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