Malcolm Turnbull Is Copping It For Not Knowing The Lyrics To ‘You’re The Voice’

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull‘s approval rating has hit an all time low, at least as far as Twitter is concerned, after he was reportedly caught on camera at the Commonwealth Games stuffing up the lyrics to the John Farnham classic ‘You’re The Voice’.

During last night’s swimming finals, the Aussie anthem started blasting over the speakers and our PM was allegedly busted by broadcast cameras trying to bluff his way through the iconic lyrics: “How loooooooooong can we look at each other, down the barrel of a gun?”

But punters saw right through his awkward mumbling, and Twitter is having none of it:

Well, Twitter was having some of it…

Waking up this morning to a PR nightmare — no doubt exacerbated by his 30th straight Newspoll defeat — Turbull was quick to jump on Queensland radio station Nova in a bid to rectify his Farnsy fail.

“I’m sure you’re aware of the speculation surrounding your performance at the swimming last night… do you know the words to ‘You’re The Voice’?” Nova presenters said (via the ABC).

“Well I do but I can tell you there are very good reasons for me not to be singing and it’s got nothing to do with not knowing the words,” Turnbull responded.

He went on to argue that, because he was surrounded by “such beautiful and talented young people” in the stands at the time, “inflicting my singing on them was probably the worst thing I could do”.

Naturally, presenters demanded the PM back himself up with a live-to-air singalong, and after some clear initial hesitation, Turnbull obliged (kinda), talk-singing the chorus line, “You’re the voice try and understand it, make a noise and make it clear!”

“You can see why I’m not a singer!” he added.

It’s not the first time old Malc has copped it for his lack of Aussie music knowledge. A few months back he struggled to name a single AC/DC song during another live radio interview.

If you, like PM, need to brush up on your ‘You’re The Voice’ lyrical knowledge, feel free to do so via the helpful video below.

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