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'You're the Voice that will make History' campaign | Supplied

John Farnham Endorses Yes Campaign: “You’re the Voice That Will Make History”

John Farnham has thrown his support behind the Yes campaign in the upcoming referendum, allowing the use of his iconic track ‘You’re The Voice’. Farnham has rarely granted permission for the track to be used in advertising, but in a statement, the singer said that he hoped the song could help change First Nations Peoples lives for the better.

“This song changed my life,” Farnham shared. “I can only hope that now it might help, in some small way, to change the lives of our First Nations Peoples for the better.”

You’re the Voice That Will Make History

The song soundtracks a new short from the Uluṟu Dialogue (the body behind the Uluṟu statement), also titled You’re The Voice. The film follows an Australian family through the years as they witness defining moments in Australia’s history – such as Cathy Freeman’s gold medal race, gun reform, same-sex marriage, and Eddie Mabo’s battle to overturn terra nullius. Watch it above.

“When it matters most, Australians show up for each other,” Pat Anderson AO, Alyawarre woman and Co-Chair of the Uluru Dialogue, said in a statement. “You’re the Voice is archival proof of the people of this country using their voice to show up and stand on the right side of history. We’ve made history before and very soon we will have the chance to do it again.”

“The Voice is a simple proposal,” Anderson continued. “Listening leads to better decisions. This is a proposal supported by 83 per cent of First Peoples, because they know when we have a say, it means better outcomes for our communities for generations.”

The short was directed by award-winning filmmaker Warwick Thornton. “When asked to work on this project, I instantly said YES and it has been an honour. It has empowered me,” Thornton said. “I feel all the films I have made have been practice for this one very important and beautiful film.”

A number of major music organisations have thrown their support behind the Yes campaign, including ARIA. “We want to see a future where all voices are heard and where Indigenous Australians have a real say in shaping the decisions that affect their lives,” ARIA said in a statement released this morning.

“We believe that embracing this decision only brings positive outcomes. We see a country where we are proud to celebrate the richness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture through music, through song – a place where those voices are amplified, stories told, and talents cherished.

“Together, we can create an inclusive music industry that reflects the true diversity of our nation.”

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese confirmed the date of the referendum last week: it will take place on Saturday, 14th October. Like all elections, voting is compulsory; find out more information about the vote here. And read more about The Voice here.

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