Malkmus Blasts U2, Strauss-Kahn

Stephen Malkmus can be a contrary, inflammatory old cove. Fans will recall his mild digs at the Smashing Pumpkins and others on Pavement‘s Range Life, while woe betide the journalist who asks him a question about Pavement when he’s plugging a solo LP. Now, he has taken to blogging to vent his spleen about a variety of things.

Malkmus’s stream-of-consciousness ramblings can be found on his own website, with two of his major targets being U2, recently in the news for protests against their tax activities during June’s Glastonbury Festival, and Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former head of the IMF.

On Bono and chums he writes (verbatim), “U2 played chicago the other night. THis tour is the biggest grossing tour ever. Amazing. They are tiny ants on stage. ITs been said that these big shows just don’t work no matter how much money you throw at production. i agree.” (From where this particular writer was sitting, that U2 Chicago show worked just fine.)”

As for Strauss-Kahn, or DMK as he is often known since the scandalous allegations broke, Malkmus wrote, “THe dude was propositioning hotel workers all night, then has mystery lady over the night before. ,,,,,THen gets morning blowjob from housekeeper, probably forced …………… THen goes to McCormick and Schmidts for lunch with daughter!!! Im assuming this is an average sunday for the guy. TO each his own?”

However, as Pitchfork note, it wasn’t all a complaining rant, with Malkmus singing the praises of the likes of Ty Segall, EMA, Cass McCombs and Real Estate.

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