Man Sentenced To Jail For Death Of Angry Anderson’s Son

The Sydney man who killed Angry Anderson’s son, Liam Anderson in 2018 has been sentenced to eight years in jail. The ABC reports Mathew Flame, who was charged in November of 2018, was today found guilty of manslaughter.

Flame was found guilty by a jury last month over the fatal bashing of Anderson. It’s reported he was high at the time, on a mix of “up to 10 MDMA capsules”, alcohol, and cannabis.

The man was acquitted of the murder charge on mental health grounds. Flame claimed he was hallucinating at the time and believed Anderson to be a demon trying to kill him.

The ABC reports that Flame was diagnosed with schizophrenia following the death of Anderson. His lawyers argued he was not criminally responsible for the murder, due to the underlying illness.

Justice Richard Button however said that the attack was caused by psychoactive drugs. He said Flame’s case was another example of “unforeseen and unintended ruin” caused by drugs.

Angry Anderson commented, “Two years ago, my family and those that love him started a lifetime sentence.”

Mathew Flame was sentenced to eight years in jail, with eligibility for parole in May of 2024.

Prior to his death, 26-year-old Liam Anderson was an aspiring rapper, he performed under the name Ranford Bigsby.

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