Måneskin’s New Single ‘MAMMAMIA’ Makes Cheeky Reference To Those Post-Eurovision Allegations

Eurovision winners turned rock juggernauts Måneskin have just dropped a blistering new single dubbed ‘MAMMAMIA’ which, as it turns out, was inspired by the cocaine controversy that enveloped the band following their big Eurovision win this year.

During a press conference at Berlin’s legendary SO36 Club, frontman Damiano David explained that the song was written shortly after Måneskin took out the international song contest.

“We only had a few days to go to the studio and write new music, but fortunately this song came out in a few hours – that’s why we felt like it was going to be a banger for us,” he said.

According to David, the song takes the piss out of all the assumptions and rumours that were made about Måneskin after they skyrocketed into the spotlight.

“After Eurovision, we had a lot of attention on us,” he explained. “A lot of the time, we did something that we thought was great but people criticised it. I wanted to translate that into the lyrics, because it happens a lot – maybe you’re doing something that you feel is great, but people don’t understand it and make bad judgements and bad comments about it. I wanted to make fun of that situation.”

Talking about the lyric “They ask me: ‘Why so hot?’ / ‘Cause I’m Italiano”, David made reference to the controversy at Eurovision where he was accused of doing cocaine in the green room – an accusation that was later confirmed to be false following an inquiry by organisers.

“People always talk about how we act on-stage,” he explained. “We’ve been accused of being savage guys, drug guys – but it’s all natural. I hope [people will get the irony], but I’m not sure they will. We’re ready to deal with it, though.”

Take the song for a spin below!

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