Mark Ronson Sits “Shaking In A Corner” Before He Goes On Stage

Mark Ronson is seeking psychiatric help after revealing that he suffers from “crippling anxiety” every time he prepares to hit the stage.

The Sun reports that the musician and producer – who has previously worked with the likes of the Kaiser Chiefs and Lily Allen – gets so nervous that he has to sit in a corner and block out anyone who tries to communicate with him.

Recently, he told the crowd about his situation at a Youth Forum in the East London town of Hackney.

“I literally have to sit in a room in a corner by myself,” he described. “No one can talk to me and I’m shaking.”

The 37-year-old is an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust, which helps young people move into work, education or training.

Ronson will be doing a DJ set as part of this year’s Summadayze and Summafieldayze Festivals over the new year. I wonder if Future Entertainment knew this before they signed him up?

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