Your Mate Russell Crowe Is Auctioning Off A Bunch Of His Musical Instruments In Sydney

Hollywood actor,  South Sydney Rabbitohs co-owner and 30 Odd Foot Of Grunts frontman Russell Crowe is hocking a bunch of his musical gear at auction.

Yes, that means YOU can now be the proud owner of one of Rusty’s old instruments or 2nd hand awards, which he’s putting under the hammer at Sydney’s Carriageworks on April 7th.

In honour of his divorce from wife Danielle Spencer, the movie star is turfing a whopping 227 items, ranging from a concert level violin to a 1986 Grammy to a selection of electric and acoustic guitars including a rare 1870 Martin 2-42 Parlour, and buttloads more.

Home boy has enlisted the help of fancy-pants auction house Sotheby’s to help him hock his epic collection of movie star sh*t, in a collection lovingly titled: Russell Crowe: The Art of Divorce, which is altogether expected to net him up to a cool $3.7 million.

“My life has always been interwoven with music,” the Gladiator explains. “Beat, rhythm, tone, pitch, they all contribute to elevating or grounding the soul. Captain Jack Aubrey’s violin has a special place in my heart.  It is a serious concert violin and it should be played rather than just sit accusingly across from me in my office gathering dust.”

You can peep the full collection of Rusty’s crazy divorce blowout sale, featuring Maximus bargains and Romper Stomper deals, right here.



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