Max Cavalera ‘Puked On Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder’

Brazilian metal rocker, Max Cavalera, has told Triple M that he once puked on Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder. In a recent interview with the radio station about his new autobiography, Cavalera said that “It was one of those crazy nights where one thing lead to another and it just ended up happening … He was actually really cool. He didn’t care much about it, so it actually turned out to be okay.”

I would be slightly concerned if Vedder had cared.

Continuing on in the interview, Cavalera divulged more information about the book, saying that it would be released sometime this year, however with no set release date, and it is being written by author Joel Mclver, who has also written books for Metallica and Black Sabbath, and also features a long foreword from Dave Grohl.

He added “I can’t wait for people to read it because there’s a lot of funny stuff like that throughout my whole career that has happened. It’s going to be really cool for people to read that.”

Max Cavalera will be landing in Australia in a matter of days on the Big Day Out 2012 tour, which starts this Friday in New Zealand, playing with Cavalera Conspiracy.

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