Meet Molly, The Band Dune Rats Signed To Their Label After Punching Bongs Together In Europe

Look, it’s not often you get a press release regaling you with a story about a band’s origin or path to success that isn’t straight up boring as shit. Oh they met at Uni? Cute. A brother sister duo won a busking comp in Byron? K. They got signed after a YouTube video went viral? Well, fuckity doo!

This, dear friends, is not one of those stories, and is perhaps one of the greatest and most Australian tales of how a band found its first taste of success, courtesy of lovable shitbags Dune Rats.

As the soon to be legendary yarn goes, Dunies were in Copenhagen all set to bash out their high-intensity frothmonster tunes to some thirsty Danes when they happened upon their support act Molly, killing time before the set. As it naturally does when Dune Rats are involved, the conversation turned to scoring some ganj, so the Danish punk-meets-alt-rock trio took our beloved Ratties to the suss district of Copenhagen, acquired said devil’s lettuce and commenced punching cones and subsequently, a beautiful friendship for the ages.

In the words of Dune Rats themselves, “The night started and finished with partying above the venue, and in the morning some of these dudes were still there drinking. We asked them if they’d come to Sweden in the van for one show and no money – they said yes, and that’s the first time we met Molly.”

The band joined Dune Rats on every gig of their next European tour and are now signed to the boy’s own label Ratbag Records, with a AU/NZ-exclusive self-titled LP now due out September 16.

It’s just… so… fucking… beautiful you guys. *wipes tear*

Check out the grungey, dense glory that is the lead single Bagu Bagu off the upcoming LP below and raise a VB to this epic tale of friendship, music and bongs.

Watch: Molly – Bagu Bagu

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