Megaphon Studios Hosts Hip Hop Instalment at The Nest 6

The Nest is on again with the sixth show of the series spitting rhymes on Saturday May 8th in the main room of Megaphon Recording Studios. The series so far has been a runaway success, hosting bands and artists from many different genres; from punk to electro-pop to hillbilly country. This hip hop instalment of the series features four local hip hop crews and a display of artwork by local street and graf artists.

The Nest #6
Saturday May 8th, 7.30pm @ Megaphon Studios – Floor 2/ Building 8, 70 Edith St, St Peters

Daily Meds
Str8 Ballaz
Sceptic & Dseeva
Electric Elements Crew

Daily Meds

The Daily Meds vocal trio strike hard with a special blend of tongue-trickery and not-so-savoury sooth sayery. Saucy stories of dance floor disarray and nonsensical party escapades rouse the crowd into a sweaty frenzy. Manic hype is then juxtaposed with fresh social commentary, metaphysical and moral philosophy and talk of global ascendancy. One man on guitar spinning dirty, dirty beats, two smart lads and one bent soulful diva = your recommended Daily dose of Meds!

Str8 Ballaz

Str8 Ballaz are the real deal. Three talented young people, straight from the streets of Glebe, pursuing their dream and bringing their music and vibe to you. Str8 Ballaz all come from the inner-city suburb of Glebe known for it’s troubled streets and tough culture. These kids are the real deal, from tough neighbourhoods and with all the hustle and bravado of true inner city street kids. This is a Hip Hop Crew with a future. The thing that sets them apart: raw talent.

Sceptic & Dseeva w/ DJ Skae

Self confessed addicts of rap Sceptic & Dseeva are the frontmen of Sydney’s KWITS CREW and founders of Sub Conscious Records. Their debut album HIP HOP PSYKOSIS is out now on Sub Conscious/Hoodlum Status Records. Sceptic & Dseeva are currently indulging in their own sound; Psykotik Realm Rap, manically constructing a delusional double disc sophomore release. Look out for the Sceptic & Dseeva – Sub C Baby Mixtape in the lead up to… SCEPTIC & DSEEVA – GHOSTWRITERS LP 2010.

Electric Elements Crew

Sydney’s Electric Elements Crew is a vibrant, new, funky, Aussie Hip Hop crew bringing together all the elements of hip hop music. The crew’s members are Pro MC (Lyricist/MC/Writer), decibel (Producer/Writer), Miss Priscy (Vocalist) and Mike McCartney (Guitarist/Writer).
Together they have created original tracks which show their true personality and outlook on life, Hip Hop, Sydney and Australia. They call it Hip Hopoetry, funky Aussie Hip Hop.

For more info, head over to the Myspace page.

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