MegaUpload Brought Back To Life As ‘Mega’ Says Kim Dotcom

Megaupload founder and larger-than-life digital bandit Kim Dotcom has marked January 20 as the triumphant return of his company. Simply coined Mega, Dotcom plans on taking the world by storm with the service that already has the Feds up in arms.

According to The Washington Post, Dotcom has great faith in the new system, which he believes is due to the fact that none of the servers or content will be stored in the US. Consequently, the service will be breaking no laws of the region. At this point in time, all that publicly exists of Mega is a holding page with some information. But according to a tweet posted by Dotcom, the FBI are sitting there hitting refresh, hoping to find something.

Other points of difference included in Mega are the fact that it will operate from the users web broswer rather than dedicated software, and an encryption will place a strong percentage of the responsibility onto the user’s themselves, thus putting to end the risk of another elaborate police raid…well hopefully.

Dotcom clearly has high hopes for his new project as you can tell by text on the site (which apparently crashed after being overloaded soon after launch or so says Slash Gear). Copy on the holding page states that come January 19, a button will appear that “will change the world”. It also states that “You hold the keys to what you store in the cloud, not us”, with other information about how the service will work, information on investors, and all that jazz.

Dotcom has told Reuters that clients who fear that they might be in breach of copyright laws will potentially have the right to directly remove their data.

Take that, US government.

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