Is Melbourne Actually Getting A ‘Smashed Avocado & Music’ Festival?

Hipsters of Melbourne have taken the city’s obsession with music and smashed avo on toast to its logical conclusion, with the apparent arrival of the inaugural ‘Smashed Avocado & Music’ Festival.

What a time to be alive.

Tickets are currently on sale for the smash bash via Eventbrite, with the 18+ event slated to go down on Saturday, 19th May at a TBD location around Docklands.

“You can forget about not being able to achieve the Australian dream of owning your own home; because we’ve got a day of sumptuous international and homegrown music, amazing avocado based activities and plenty of avocado on toast planned,” promoters spruik.

And they’ve got a recipe for fun times in store, including “a local lineup of music spearheaded by avocado aficionado Spacey Space, brunch based performance artists, activated almond and avocado cocktails, avocado and spoon races and smashed avo masterclasses from our in-house chef de party.”

Promoters are promising that the full music lineup will be “served up soon”, and tickets to the spread are currently on sale with options for ‘Unripe’, ‘Ripe’ & ‘Mature’ (although we’re not sure WTF any of that actually means), all for the price of a bit of smashed Hass with feta on toasted sourdough and a large soy latte at your local bean ($22 – $33)

So is this thing legit?

Well, the fest is being organised by Melbourne’s Treat Danceclub, and its head music curator/avo aficionado Spacey Space is a genuinely beloved local DJ, so all signs point to yes.

However, just to be sure, Music Feeds has contacted the Treat team to confirm whether or not this delicious ‘do will indeed be going ahead, & we’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE: Organisers have confirmed to Music Feeds that the festival is indeed legit and the “venue, artists & a truckload of avocado goodies [are] all confirmed”. Furthermore,  the ‘unripe’, ‘ripe’ & ‘mature’ tickets are “just fun take on ‘early bird’, ‘first release’ & ‘second release’ tickets”. They’ve also threatened to unleash more avocado-based puns in the near future.

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