Melbourne Dad Wants That Kanye Mural Removed Because It “Scares” Him

A Melbourne dad is calling for the removal of a mural painted by local artist Lushsux depicting a scene from Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ music video.

James Ashamalla called into Melbourne radio station 3AW to express the fact that he is “scared” of the mural located near Richmond train station.

“It’s now beyond offending, it scares me now,” Ashamalla told 3AW Mornings host Neil Mitchell of the mural which was painted six months ago, in September of 2016.

“When I come into the city with my four-year old daughter and she sees that painting, she will ask me ‘Daddy what does that painting mean?’” he asked. “If this is what we, as a society consider acceptable to put in such a public place in 2017, and we do nothing about it, what are they going to put up next?”

Ashamalla went on to express his concern for “The many thousands of children that use public transport every day” who view the mural, which he believes is too sexually explicit for public viewing.

Ashamalla has also apparently been in frequent contact with Metro rail and the local city council and is “appalled” with their lack of action. The local council told him they didn’t believe the image was sexual in nature.

Lushsux’s ‘Famous’ mural originally depicted uncensored female breasts and buttocks, but those parts of the mural were painted over shortly after it was unveiled.

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