The Melbourne House From Beyoncé’s ‘No Angel’ Video Just Sold For Way More Than Expected

In further proof that whatever Beyoncé touches turns to gold, the rundown Melbourne house from her No Angel music video has sold for $140,000 more than its highest quoted price.

As the AAP reports, the rickety weatherboard pad on Brunswick’s Beith Street sold for $650,000 at auction on Saturday, after being priced between $470,000 and $510,000.

Oh, and there was even a Beyoncé impersonator at the auction, just to give it that extra touch of class…

“Achieving a result of $650,000 goes to show that the Beyoncé publicity and all that did work,” says Nelson Alexander agent Steven James. And he’s damn right, given this is what the house looks like inside:

beyonce brunwick melbourne house source Domain screenshot

Image: Domain (Click To Expand)

Beyoncé filmed a scene at the front of the house for her No Angel clip in 2013, dancing and singing while draped in a white fur coat, which wasn’t even included with the house despite its super-high price.

Beyoncé fans have posed for photos outside of the house since it went up for sale earlier this year. Its elderly former owner, Jeanatte Meadow, was paid only $300 for allowing Bey to shoot in front of her place.

It’s not yet known if the houses either side of Ms Meadow’s will soon be up for sale as ‘the house next to the one which Beyoncé went to once’.

Catch the $650,000 Beyoncé house in action in the No Angel video below, and for more details about the property, head to its Domain page.

Watch: Beyoncé – No Angel

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