Melbourne Metal Outfit 4Arm Rage Quit American Tour

Not even 4 days after Thrash Metallers 4Arm posted on their website how enchanted they were to be in the States and a brief mention of some of their activities abroad, the band has stormed off their tour, pointing the finger at promoters, who have been swift to point the finger right back.

4Arm, from Melbourne, were in the States for a run of dates on the Zombie Apocalypse Tour with bands such as Casket of Cassandra, Prey For Sleep, Short Fuse, and another Aussie band Deprivation. However, the band has thrown in the towel after “sub-standard arrangements and communications” between them and the promoters.

The official statement, released on the band’s website, reads as follows:

“4ARM have been forced to walk off The Zombie Apocalypse Tour owing to sub-standard arrangements and communications on behalf of the tour promoters, Nemesis Records. As an example, the accompanying photo is of an actual venue (below) at which the band were expected to perform. Needless to say, this was the final straw triggering 4ARM’s exit from a poorly organised and misinformed operation. 4ARM warn all bands to exercise caution in dealings with Nemesis Records. 4ARM apologise to fans who were planning on attending any of the US dates, but would like to assure them of a return to the US under better circumstances.”

In a further statement to TheMusic, 4Arm stated that they were not given the advances promised to them, and had fronted $20,000 of their own money to bankroll the tour.

However, promoters, and even their fellow countrymen on the bill, have spoken up, painting a much different version of events. Deprivation stated that “There is always more to the story… Don’t believe the hype or gossip about this tour. We are fucking destroying this tour. Can’t wait for the rest of this tour. We would hope that everyone would support Nemesis Records and post their support!”

Those takes on events are a lot closer to the tune being sung by promotions company, Nemesis Records, who according to TheMusic, have come out saying that “Each band was provided proper directions, dates, times, and the contact numbers for both of the tour managers.” And what’s more, the venue, TheWorkshop, that the band refused to play in, is a well-known metal spot with stages that have been graced by the likes of acts such as Six Feet Under, All Shall Perish, and Dying Fetus..

It seems that by all accounts everyone has shaken off the departure of 4Arm from the bill. Hopefully, this doesn’t set a negative image for Aussies on the metal touring circuit. The tour is continuing to kick on, even playing some big venues such as The Dirty Dog Bar in Austin, TX; El Corazon in Seattle, WA; and The Oakland Metro in Oakland, CA for Bay Area Metal Festival.

Photo: “The venue” (4arm website)

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