Melbourne Soundwave Will Have Strong Police & Sniffer Dog Presence

A warning has come through from Victoria Police ahead of today’s Melbourne Soundwave celebrations – sniffer dogs and extra foot patrols will be maintaining a strong presence at the festival throughout the day. The cops will be out in force to put a stop to drug use at the festival, so it’s time to rejoice in your sensible choices, or keep your wits about you.

As reported by The Herald Sun, Senior Sergeant Mark Pilkington has said the plan “is not only about targeting those responsible for trafficking illegal substances but also reducing the impact of drugs on our community,” which pretty much translates to, “We’re looking for anyone and everyone with any amount of drugs on them.” He goes on to add, “We want everyone to go along and be able to enjoy the festival without being interrupted by the behaviour of others,” which is a fairly good point for those who only want to ingest great vibes.

You can be sure that there will be an officer with the security guards at the front gates to check your bag on arrival, and there will also be mounted officers (who remind me of the Nazgûl from LOTR) watching your every move. Police have also warned that there will be a stronger presence on public transport, highlighting “a focus on Flemington railway station and public transport hubs.”

But all this shouldn’t stop you from still having an awesome and well-organised day, should it? Of course not! Rock on, Rock City, Australia!

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