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Melbourne’s Palais Theatre Introduce Fan-To-Fan Resale Service To Beat Scalpers

Written by Greg Moskovitch on August 28, 2013

Melbourne’s classic Palais Theatre has introduced a new scheme to help fight the problem of ticket scalping for sold out shows. The theatre has launched a “Fan-to-Fan” resale service, in which the Palais itself acts as conduit between buyer and seller.

The online service was launched after the theatre had some trouble with a recent event, where eager punters arrived at the theatre only to discover that the tickets they’d bought online had been sold over 30 other people. Palais Theatre Management CEO, Neil Croker explained:

“Purchasing tickets from a legitimate seller is the only real way to guarantee that you get what you’re paying for. At a recent Palais Theatre event one pair of tickets was sold on Gumtree 17 times, resulting in 32-34 people arriving at the theatre only to discover that they didn’t have tickets to this sold out show. This situation is extremely stressful for the patrons and the venue alike.”

The Palais’ management is hoping to reduce the number of scalped tickets and disappointed revellers with their new service where fans with tickets to sold out shows they can no longer use, are able to use the Palais website to find a willing buyer. Using the service, the seller is guaranteed a legitimate return and the buyer is guaranteed a place in the theatre on gig night.

The Palais has already had multiple requests for the Passenger Waiting List, indicating that people trust the Palais Theatre, trust the new service and are willing to use it. You can check out the Palais Theatre resale service for yourself here.

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