Members Of The Smiths And The Cranberries Have Teamed Up For Supergroup D.A.R.K.

The Smiths bassist Andy Rourke and The Cranberries frontwoman Dolores O’Riordan have teamed up with New York based producer-songwriter Olé Koretsky for a supergroup named D.A.R.K.

The trio have already announced that they have a debut album Science Agrees coming in September and they have dropped three tracks from the record so far.

Each possess a distinctly ’80s vibe but the latest drop Gunfight particularly does with a pulsating beat and haunting vocals that are playfully kitsch at times.

The project stemmed from a band Rourke and Koretsky made together called Jetlag. Rourke then met O’Riordan and started sharing demoes with her which she completely reimagined. That then collided with Koretsky who was already working on Science Agrees and the three pieced all of it together to form D.A.R.K.

O’Riordan has never really stopped making music since The Cranberries first release in 1993. The band released a new record in 2012 and she also had two solo albums prior to that. Rourke was previously part of another supergroup called Freebass featuring members of Joy Division and The Stone Roses.

Science Agrees is out 9th September but you can hear three of the tracks from the record below.

Listen: D.A.R.K. – Gunfight

Listen: D.A.R.K. – Curvy

Listen: D.A.R.K. – Loosen The Noose

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