Metallica: 27 Live CDs, 4 Live Vinyl, 1 Big-Ass Box Set

Metallica will be rolling out a total of 27 live albums over the next nine weeks, to mark the 10th anniverary of their site, where the band makes most of their live performances available for download.

Every live show by Metallica in 2014, including Glastonbury and Rock Werchter, will be available on CD format, released in bunches of three. Released in calendar order, the first lot, available now, is comprised of the beginning of Metallica’s South American stint, featuring Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.

Once all 27 albums, nine sets, have been released, Metallica will then put out a complete box set in December. You can preorder the box set now, which also includes a single disc of Metallica acoustic from 12th May, 2014, for the handsome sum of $417USD ($465AUD).

For those vinyl collectors out there, Metallica has not forgotten you. The metal lords will release four live performances from 2014 pressed on 180-gram vinyl. Which four shows is entirely up to you, with an online poll currently underway to see which gigs get the most votes. The vinyls will be available to order from early 2015.

As to why Metallica are going to all this trouble for shows that are currently available for download? The band says it’s because of the fans.

“We’ve been extremely proud to offer downloads within days of the shows, sometimes even hours … but we still get requests for ‘old school’ compact discs,” Metallica posted on “To celebrate ten years of Live Metallica, we’re going to make that happen!”

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