Metallica Announce Rarities Vinyl Subscription Club

Metallica have announced they’ll be launching a vinyl subscription series which will see them dig up rarities, demos and live cuts over the course of four 7″ vinyl records. According to the band, the songs included will all be pressed to vinyl for the first time as part of the project, and given the band will celebrate their 40th anniversary next year, it’s anyone’s guess what they’ll come through with.

“It’s another first for us… our very own Vinyl Club! As huge music fans ourselves, it’s been super exciting to see the resurgence of vinyl and how much enjoyment we all get collecting, exploring and connecting with other fans mining for lost treasures,” wrote the band.

“Those of us who love the look, feel and sonic warmth of vinyl are sorta in our little exclusive club, so with that in mind, we thought it would be fun to start adding to our collections on a regular basis.”

In addition to the four 7″ vinyl singles, you’ll also receive additional collectibles, which the band say range from picks, posters and stickers.

Head here to register – you have until Tuesday, 31st March to sign up for the service.

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