Metallica Debut New Song ‘The Lords Of Summer’ In Colombia

Staying true to their word, thrash metal giants Metallica debuted a new song, titled The Lords of Summer, during their performance in Bogota, Colombia over the weekend. The band will soon undertake an all-request tour, with one slot in the setlist reserved for the new track.

Last week, the band teased South American fans with a shot of themselves, instruments in hand, in a studio, “working out the kinks in the new song that we’ll be debuting in South America in a couple days.” The band have since followed-up with another shot of them “jammin out the new song.”

At the moment there appears to be, however inexplicably, only one 16-second clip of the new track, which received its official title via the band’s Twitter, posted online. The clip, shot by Isa Hoyos, originated on Instagram and features a rather blistering shred solo from guitarist Kirk Hammett.

The band’s new album, which they’ve been teasing for months with talk of immense troves of potential new songs, will apparently eschew St Anger‘s embargo on guitar solos and, if The Lords Of Summer is anything to go by, feature plenty of old-school Metallica headbang-inducing riffs.

Frontman James Hetfield has said that he is “itchin’” to start on a new LP. The band’s last album was 2008’s Death Magnetic, which received a lukewarm reception from fans. In 2011, the band unveiled their divisive collaboration with late Velvet Underground singer Lou Reed, Lulu.

UPDATE 9:56pm 17/03/14: Footage of Metallica performing The Lords of the Summer in its entirety has now been uploaded to YouTube, in addition to the full setlist from their Bogota performance on Sunday, 16th March, which features non-stop Metallica classics, now being circulated online.

Watch: Metallica – The Lords of the Summer (Live Bogota, Colombia 2014) — Full Performance

Watch: Metallica – The Lords of the Summer (Live Bogota, Colombia 2014) — Full Performance 2

Watch: Metallica – The Lords of the Summer (Live Bogota, Colombia 2014) — Clip

Metallica, Bogota, Colombia Sunday, 16th March Setlist

(via Blabbermouth)

01. Blackened

02. Master Of Puppets

03. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

04. Fuel

05. The Unforgiven

06. The Lords Of Summer (new song)

07. …And Justice For All

08. Sad But True

09. Fade To Black

10. Orion

11. One

12. For Whom The Bell Tolls

13. Battery

14. Nothing Else Matters

15. Enter Sandman

16. Creeping Death

17. Ride The Lightning (“Vote Of The Day” song)

18. Seek & Destroy

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