Metallica Is Many Things But Nostalgic Isn’t One Of Them, Says Lars

Metallica has been ticking items off what seems to be an ever-growing list of co-curricular activities but, according to Lars Ulrich, becoming a nostalgic act is a box that shall remain unticked.

While speaking to The Pulse Of The Radio, the Metallica sticks man justified their chilled attitude towards completing their forthcoming record. According to Ulrich, the band needed to flex their creative muscles in order to keep things from going stale:

“There’ll be a new record and we certainly never want to turn into a nostalgia band, but at the same time, you’ve got to keep yourself, I guess, creatively alive and that’s what we do by playing these gigs and doing all these other projects and doing movies and festivals. I mean, it’s just, all that stuff’s a lot of fun, but it takes a lot of time, you know.”

So far, the band have shown they know how to put on an awesome festival and their 3-D movie, Metallica Through The Never – described as “a concert movie meets The Wall meets Metallica” by its star, Dane DeHaan – is shaping up to be a bit of a blockbuster.

James Hetfield has also recently revealed that he has been stockpiling riffs for the endeavor, so who knows? Maybe they’ll still be on the hot streak when they finally get to recording.

(Via Ultimate Guitar)

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