Metallica Team Up With Amazon For Eight-Part Podcast Unpacking The Black Album

Metallica is teaming up with Amazon for a new podcast. Gearing up for its 30th birthday, the band will be kicking the poddie off with an eight-part deep dive into The Black Album.

“This is more than a “Making Of” look at the album,” reads the podcast’s description. “It’s the story of James, Lars, and Kirk — not just how the album got made, but why.”

There isn’t loads of information on the podcast so far. But it looks the band will be directly contributing to it.

“This album was the right combination of songs,” says Lars Ulrich in a preview for the podcast. “The right combination of producer with the right combination of desire to master the line up of ideas.”

While James Hetfield says, “The insanity that we do just to keep our own sanity. People identify with it and the fact that they know they’re not alone and we know we’re not alone is what makes it all happen for me.”

The new Amazon podcast is due to land “later this month”. Next Thursday, 12th August will be The Black Album’s 30th birthday.

You can listen to the preview below.

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