Metallica To Perform Live In Antarctica With Help From Coke

It might be at arse end of the earth and notoriously inhabitable unless you’re a penguin but that hasn’t stopped Metallica from locking in a headlining performance in Antarctica. In conjunction with Coca-Cola, the metal greats will be setting up shop somewhere on the great white continent sometime in early December, so at least they’ll get the warmest weather on offer.

That said, even during the warmest time of the year for the region, if temperatures were to reach anything above 2°C, it would be a record-breaking high. And if the past few years are anything to go by, once Metallica get an idea in their head (be it their own festival or a 3D feature film), they see it through until the end, so these penguins are sure to get a damn good performance.

Unfortunately this won’t be any world first. That title belongs to Nunatak who were the first band to ever perform on the south pole, doing so in front of a dizzying 17 people. Though once again, Metallica seem undeterred.

Lars Ulrich jumped the gun with the news, revealing to a San Francisco radio station:

“There’s a very interesting thing coming our way in December… There’s another frontier heading in Metallica’s direction in December. Which, if anybody (at the band’s management) even knew that I just said what I just said, they would hunt me down and silence me. But there is another frontier coming in December, which we’re very excited about.”

Coke is apparently the first major corporation to show interest in the otherwise baron wasteland of 98% ice that’s on average 1 mile thick (band 6 in Geography, bitches). The company employs the location for team building exercises once a year as well as planning the construction of the world’s first education station in Antarctica, The E-Base.

(Via Blabbermouth)

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