Methyl Ethel Are Already Working On Album Number Three

Methyl Ethel may have only release their second album Everything Is Forgotten last week but they’re already working on the follow-up.

Frontman Jake Webb apparently doesn’t know how to stop working as he called in to speak with triple j about the new album and ended up revealing an even newer record he’s tinkering away at.

“Yeah it is getting close and I will continue to work on it this year,” he said.

“It’s almost like, I need to make something else new to make myself feel ok and quash the anxiety of the record that’s about to come out.”

It was a two year wait in between their debut Oh Inhuman Spectacle and this latest LP but by the sounds of it we won’t be waiting that long for the next one.

Although, Webb is going to struggle to find time to finish it as their touring schedule is hectic. The band is currently overseas but they will return home in April for Groovin The Moo and a headline tour.

It sounds like Webb’s downtime following touring is spent making music though.

“I come home from touring or downtime that I have and I really do just like to get in and make something new and work on music,” he said.

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