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Korn Have Got A New Album In The Works

Hold onto your Adidas tracksuit because Korn have got a new album cooking and it sounds like it’s going to be a belter. Guitarist Brian “Head” Welch has revealed the follow-up to 2022’s Requiem LP is currently in the song-writing phase, but it’s already shaping up to be some of the most “intense” stuff they’ve done in years.

“Well, I’ll just say, yes, we are passionately and intensely working on new music,” Head told US radio station WSOU 89.5 FM. “We’re a little bit behind. We’ve been really digging deep into sounds and tones and miking techniques and just really focusing on every aspect of just the miking and the sonic levels of everything because… I love the last few records we’ve done in the last 10 years, but I think — I just have something in me that thinks we could beat the tones. I love the songs that we’ve done, but tone-wise I feel like we can beat it.

WSOU 89.5 FM Interviews Brian “Head” Welch From Korn

“So we’re spending a lot more time on this new music, we’re spending a lot more money [chuckles], and we don’t have any record label involved, so it’s all coming from us,” he continued, adding that the band is simultaneously trying to harken back to their roots, while pushing into more modern-sounding sonic territory.

“…We really want to dissect our sound and remember where we came from and how we did it back then. And having a vintage Korn feel with a modern twist — sonically, I’m talking about. So it’s very intense. The songs are amazing. I’m very proud of it. I feel like we are closer than we’ve ever been in the studio. And Jonathan [Davis, KORN singer] has been there every day.”

Hopefully a new Korn record means new Australian tour dates could be on the horizon…

We’ll keep you posted!

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