Miami Official Compiles ‘Worst Of’ Ultra Music Festival Video

Following the death of a 21-year-old man and the trampling of a 28-year-old security guard at the recent Ultra Music Festival in Flordia, Miami City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff has now compiled a video documenting some of the worst behaviour of Ultra punters, calling for an end to the event.

Guard Erica Mack was left in an “extremely critical” condition after swarms of gatecrashers stormed an under-barricaded area of the festival perimeter, while Adonis Escoto was found dead in his car after the event’s Saturday leg, with family suspecting drugs were slipped into his drink.

Now city officials, including the mayor and chief of police, are calling for an end to the event, with fellow opponent Commissioner Sarnoff now releasing a tape that includes footage of gatecrashing, fights, struggles with police, and even a woman urinating on an apparently unconscious man.

“The money that Ultra is spending is nothing more than bloody money,” Sarnoff told the local CBS outlet, referring to the death of Mr Escoto. However, an Ultra representative says that festival organisers have complied with all security requests made by city officials and the police department.

Ultra Music Representative Rodney Barreto said that organisers “worked hand-in-hand” with the police department, putting the onus of the security and safety of their attendees on the city. Police officers at the event have increased from 140 in 2012, to 208 in 2013, and to 257 this year.

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