Michael Jackson: Nobel peace prize nomination? Did his Doctor kill him?

Fans have taken to the web, signing a petition proposing Michael Jackson to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. The Petition has already had more that 15,000 signatures since the singers death on 25th June.

Just one problem. He’s dead. The Nobel Peace Prize can not be given to a deceased person…. So will they bend the rules for a prize that has been awarded for over a hundred years?


Dr. Conrad Murray could be up a certain creek without a good propulsion device.

It appears that while he was administering Propofol, a sedative agent used for the induction of general anesthesia via an intravenous drip, he might have taken a quick nap only to find upon waking the 50 year old singer was long dead.


At the moment this is only a speculation that he said this in his police interview. Dr. Murray claims he was not the one that gave Jackson the lethal dose that killed him. Toxicology reports are due at the end of this week.

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