Mick Fleetwood Says Fleetwood Mac Will Never Reunite with Lindsey Buckingham

The beef between Fleetwood Mac and ousted member Lindsey Buckingham has been anything but amicable, and now Mick Fleetwood has ruled out any possibility of a reunion.

The beef started in 2018 when Buckingham was fired and, in a sense, replaced by Crowded House frontman Neil Finn, and has even culminated in Buckingham filing a lawsuit against his former band.

Now, in a new interview with Rolling Stone, Mick Fleetwood has doubled down on his stance that Buckingham will never be apart of Fleetwood Mac again.

“No, Fleetwood Mac is a strange creature,” he said.

“We’re very, very committed to Neil and Mike, and that passed away a time ago, when Lindsey left. And it’s not a point of conversation, so I have to say no.”

“It’s a full drama of Fleetwood Mac, no doubt. His legacy is alive and well, and as it should be. A major, major part that will never be taken away, and never be down-spoken by any of us. Neil and Mike have tremendous respect for Lindsey. The situation was no secret. We were not happy. It was not working, and we parted company. And that really is the all of it.”

Fleetwood Mac last toured Australia in 2019.

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