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Mike Patton Joins Dave Lombardo’s Dead Cross Supergroup

The busiest man in music has just become a little busier. Mike Patton, of Faith No More and Mr. Bungle fame, has today announced his involvement in the supergroup Dead Cross.

“[I’ve been] invited to join the band Dead Cross,” Patton says in a Facebook post. “Going to be cool. We will get a record out in 2017. More details soon.”

The fresh yet hard-working heavy metal band, led by Slayer’s Dave Lombardo, are best known for their unforgiving single We’ll Sleep When They’re Dead. Despite the fact that the group have been around for just over a year, they’ve already accrued a notable fanbase, inspiring devotion not usually afforded to a band so new on the scene.

Made up of extreme metal superstars Justin Pearson (of The Locust), Michael Crain (of the excellently monikered Festival Of Dead Deer), Lombardo and now Patton, the group are evidently planning to release a new record next year. Given it’ll be distributed via Patton’s own legendary Ipecac Recordings, one can imagine it’ll be a brutal, unforgiving slab of iron-clad punk and metal.

Of course, Patton is, at this stage, ridiculously overbooked, what with his solo work, his output with Nevermen (the band he co-fronts with TV On The Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe), the Faith No More revival, and a host of other film and video game work.

He’s even due to be heading out to Australia soon, coming our way for the upcoming 2017 iteration of Hobart’s own MONA FOMA. Heaven have mercy on the man’s personal assistant: one can imagine that they must be in dire need of a long, long holiday.

In any case, it’ll be interesting to see Patton back in a more traditionally metal band, given his work these days has ever shifted towards the avant garde. Seems like 2017 — and that brand spankin’ new Dead Cross record — can’t come fast enough.

Listen: Dead Cross – ‘We’ll Sleep When They’re Dead’

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