Miley Cyrus’ Nine Inch Nails Revamp ‘On A Roll’ Has A Music Video On The Way

No spoilers here if you haven’t acquainted yourselves with the recent episodes of Black Mirror on Netflix, however if you have, keep your eyes peeled to social media tomorrow (Friday), as we’re expecting a new track courtesy of Miley Cyrus’ connection to the show, to drop.

Cyrus appears in the Black Mirror episode ‘Rachel, Jack And Ashley Too’, where she portrays (according to Netflix), ‘A lonely teen becomes obsessed with a robot doll based on her pop star idol, Ashley O’. As you can imagine, the episode takes a series of twists and unravelling progressions in classic Black Mirror fashion.

During the episode, Cyrus’ character puts a pop twist on Nine Inch Nails’ 1989 track ‘Head Like A Hole’, singing new lyrics over the music for the tune titled ‘On A Roll’.

Now, fans dug the performance so much, Black Mirror confirmed that an official release of an ‘On A Roll’ music video is indeed coming this week.

Check out the song below – all new episodes of Black Mirror are currently streaming!

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