Mindless Self Indulgence Sign To 3Wise For New Album

Soundwave alumni Mindless Self Indulgence have announced plans to further their relationship with the company, penning a deal to release their brand new album, How I Learned to Stop Giving a Shit And Love Mindless Self Indulgence, through their affiliated record label, 3Wise.

Locked in for a Friday, 21st June release the album will demonstrate just how little angst and edge the band have lost over the years, despite some members living happily married with children. Still as unwilling to fall in line as ever, MSI have promised the cats at 3Wise their most politically incorrect, electrified and sexy album to date.

Those standards aren’t too unrealistic either. In anticipation of the album, the band hosted the 2nd highest Kickstarter campaign racking in a crazy $225,000 from their cult-like following so the project has some serious cheese behind it.

The 2013 release will be the first of its kind since 2008’s If. No doubt we will see the new wears performed live at a Soundwave event in the near future.

Relive some of the Soundwave 2013 action with the gallery from MSI’s set.

PHOTOS: Mindless Self Indulgence – Soundwave 2013

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